Any promotion team established by Weihan in foreign countries?
Zhongshan Weihan Plastic Technical Co.,Ltd includes a group of marketing that is not only concentrated in overseas countries. We promote our products in different ways, for example on social platforms, exhibitions or conferences. We want to connect with you and help improve your distribution system and expand the global business together.

Being an experienced and professional manufacturer and supplier of black food containers with clear lids, Weihan has been highly recommended by many customers. The Clear Plastic Food Tray series is one of the main products of Weihan. The design of Weihan disposable containers is done after special consideration. The sealed medium types and the running conditions of devices are considered by the designers in the preliminary stage. It is totally toxic, odorless, tasteless, and causes no harm to people. A complete quality management system has been specially established to ensure the quality of this product. It has a light weight, allowing people to carry around with ease.

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