Blister blister packaging blister box absorption in custom plastic products of plastic tray design

by:Weihan     2020-06-09
Inside the blister blister packaging blister box absorption plastic products plastic food tray pallet design custom BOPS ( Also called OPS) Material is non-toxic, tasteless, environmental protection economical packaging materials, conform to the FDA, EEC, and Japanese food hygiene law, is a new type of environmental protection packaging materials in international is on the rise. BOPS material has good transparency, high rigidity, good protective. It suitable for use in food, medicine, toys, electronic components, such as packaging. Company can provide all kinds of properties of BOPS material ( Such as: different color, transparent, prevent mist, aluminum plating, double color and performance improvement of products, etc. ) 。 Different performance, different specifications of BOPS material is suitable for different needs of guests. The previous: hardware accessories specializing in the production of plastic tray plastic food tray tray blister plastic food tray tray next article: transparent one-off fruit blister box plastic box packing box packing box of 800 g
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