Blister tray blister process, what are the functions?

by:Weihan     2020-06-16
Blister tray blister process, what are the functions? Blister packaging products from the function can be divided into two broad categories: type is the show, protection, beautify the product for the purpose of transparent series, mostly small commodity packaging products, put or hanging in the supermarket shelves, choose good PET and PVC material for more transparency, products include: masks, card blister, suction card, blister, heat sealing double blister, folded double blister and transparent folding boxes; Another kind is the protection, separation, shockproof, foil trays, blister box series, for the purpose of packaging products for electronics, IT, industrial parts and cosmetics, selection of materials for PS ( Color, antistatic and flocking etc. ) , products include: tray, inside, blister box, flocking blister, antistatic blister, conductive plastic trays, plastic tray, etc. In recent years, the combination of these two kinds of blister packaging products, and produce a new packing type: bottom set and sandwich packaging, one of the bottom cover & other Surface & throughout; Use the PET material, with better transparency & other; Bottom & throughout; Use PS material, both have the protection function of the container, and have the visual effect of display. Electronic what is blister packing blister packaging, just as its name implies is used for packaging of electronic products, the electronic products both in digital electronic products such as USB, headset, mouse, mobile phone, including electronic components such as USB excuse, electronic circuit boards, SD card, etc. And electronic blister packaging for packing form the different divided into electronic blister blister and blister tray. Electronic blister blister packing for commonly used as a digital electronic products, so they are called blister shell or blister hood. And electronic blister tray is often used for electronic components, etc. , as the turnover of transport to use, and because of some electronic components easy to be affected by their own produce electrostatic damage, so there is a kind of antistatic effect of materials have been added to the tray, can effectively prevent this from happening, the tray is called antistatic blister tray. How to choose a good blister tray packaging? 1, cost savings, plastic food tray products are wear-resisting of packaging, as long as not deliberately think, some as turnover with blister tray also can be reused. 2, anti-static blister tray, the tray are common in the electronics industry, because it can effectively block static contact and goods, to avoid goods damage due to static electricity. 3, upper and lower lid blister tray, the tray is responsible for the stability of goods under cover, cover cover the items to enhance stability, solidly, wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, strong protection ability; 4, blister tray is not just a kind of props, props can also act as a kind of beautification products, packaging has let the consumer feel boring, and custom-made creative tray will make your products compared with competitors to attract more customers, so as to improve competitiveness. A: on the blister tray concrete application areas have? Next article: blister tray packaging process we have been discussed in this paper
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