Blister tray industry widely used

by:Weihan     2020-06-14
Blister tray industry widely used within the blister tray is also called plastic, blister process will be specific grooves of the plastic plate made of plastics, the product into the slots, protect and beautify the product, also has transportation pallet packaging, pallets use is more convenient. ( 1) Double blister tray by built-in lock head and tap and can fold the coaming of form a complete set of modular plastic food tray tray, roof and tap to use HDPE. Adopt double one-time blister forming process. The middle coaming PP (optional Polypropylene resin) hollow board or seven layers of corrugated cardboard folding coaming. ( 2) Full design cycle use, roof and tap can be recycled for ten years. scarf board and corrugated board can be recycled many times to change again, this design can greatly reduce the customer's logistics operations and warehousing costs. ( 3) Tray coaming were designed to be folded, roof and tap embeddable or stacked, compared with the traditional packaging can save 50% of the storage space. ( 4) Blister lid and collet adopts two HDPE sheet disposable vacuum forming, strong and durable. ( 5) Blister tray assembly or disassembly is extremely convenient, with the tools of how to don't need to, a person can be in a few minutes to complete the disassembly or assembly. Roof and tap each design has four fast lock, can withhold coaming, so no need to bale, saving a bundle of package materials and artificial cost. A: cold plastic cup method of use: next article aluminum plating film characteristics
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