Blister tray of common manufacturing material and its characteristics

by:Weihan     2020-06-15
Blister tray of common manufacturing said to plastic materials and its characteristics, a lot of people's cognitive is the pollution of the environment, but not all of the plastic products will damage to the environment, some plastic products in the aspect of environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction has certain positive effect. For example, some plastic products with its stable structure, the characteristics of light weight, widely used in automotive manufacturing. With the progress of technology in recent years in our country, the sharp application of degradable plastics and plastic recovery rate was improved, plastic also change bad image of the pollution of the environment, traditional in & other; Five-year & throughout; Play the more and more important during the period of saving energy and reducing consumption. We will make a blister plastic processing, products are widely used in packaging industry. One of the most significant is the blister tray, blister boxes and blister forms, these forms of blister products occupy a certain position in people's lives. Due to the different performance of blister tray, we can use different kinds of materials for the production of blister tray. Common materials such as PVC, PET, PS and PP material. The previous: blister tray under the overview of the types of mould used a: plastic food tray tray cleaning method of analysis
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