Blister tray of flat tray features nine feet

by:Weihan     2020-06-16
Blister tray plate nine feet of tray features from the perspective of the shape of plate nine feet tray, it belongs to the single side, tablet, nine foot type of tray, so storage to take up the space is little, but there are strong load capacity. Can use, forklift from four to into the fork, arbitrary Angle file loading of the goods. 's characteristics and some details, such as the surface is convex, burr, environmental protection, tasteless, high temperature resistant, small water imbibition exempted from inspection, etc. , more used in food, electronics, chemical raw materials and other industries. Like other blister tray, plate nine feet tray should also avoid sun exposure, lest cause ageing, shorten service life. Even at the same time it is strictly prohibited tossed from a height within the plastic food tray pallet, the goods should be reasonable arrangement of goods in the tray stacking position, guarantee the safety of the goods stability. A: on the service life of the blister tray and anti-static index next article: how to extend the service life of plastic food tray tray
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