Blister tray packaging process we have been discussed in this paper

by:Weihan     2020-06-09
Blister tray packaging process we have been discussed vacuum blister packaging is in special packaging machinery, in recent years, with the development of commodity packaging in the direction of mechanization and automation, manufacturer of thermoforming packaging machinery development soon, both at home and abroad has more than professional manufacturer of vacuum blister packaging equipment. Although the structural type of vacuum forming packaging machine each are not identical, but the principle is basically similar. So how to determine blister packing defective blister tray with its unique advantages, in the packaging industry has been gradually accepted by people, the most common blister packaging products blister packaging, blister box, etc. , the blister packaging products are mainly used to protect products, promote product sales, improve product quality, so the market circulation of blister box are generally no blemish blister packing box, but also can appear a lot of problems in the production process. Working principle of vacuum blister packaging: blister sheet after suction machines in the oven heating, due to the principle of heat bilges cold shrink, sheet began to grow soft and bigger. Then on the specific of copper or aluminum mold after vacuum forming. According to the requirements of the different products to stamping forming blister after cutting. Water ripples: on the basis of different blister sheet processing, make the water ripple with the finished products produced this kind of situation, mostly in the use of PVC sheet this phenomenon will exist. Cleaning: in the process of blister packaging production, success because of the process operation and improper placement of environment, it may cause some dirt blister packaging products. Nick: it's supposed to be blister packaging products, the most common problem, if we produce with scratch marks on the blister package is too long, too big then the blister products is defective, cannot be used in high-grade packaging. Crystal point: in the process of blister tray packaging sheet production, plastic food tray materials by heating, air, is to produce a finished product sheet with bubbles, especially in a transparent blister sheet production process, the bubble is too big, too much as a defect. A: on the blister tray blister process, what are the functions? Next article: build food packaging bowl what are the advantages?
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