Blister tray production proofing in the process of link how to operate?

by:Weihan     2020-06-15
Blister tray production proofing in the process of link how to operate? Blister tray proofing is provided according to the articles, drawings or size can be a job, and sometimes includes quality requirements, material thickness, the special requirements of materials design, etc. After get the relevant data will play the samples with plaster mold, to the customer for confirmation, no problem can be as a prototype to mass production. If the product quality request is not high, and the number is not many, it is ok to use gypsum mold proofing, not only the production of finished products is low and the production process is simple; But if the situation instead of copper in the blister tray for proofing. In either way, make customer satisfaction of blister tray is our ultimate goal. A: in the process of production of blister tray should pay attention to what? Next article: simple technical analysis about antistatic plastic food tray tray
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