Blister tray template preparation requirements

by:Weihan     2020-06-15
Blister tray template preparation requirements in the implementation of this operation, the first to know what is the customer's specific requirements, including materials, production of the specifications of the required size of the tray, the design of concrete, etc. , and then as a basis for making the samples. Here, of course, it was not immediately put into production, the sample must be to get customer confirmation, there is no problem before as a prototype for production blister tray. Blister tray samples used in most materials are gypsum, mainly because of its low cost, and the production process is relatively simple. But normally only for the sample quality is not high, a small number of cases, if high demand in many aspects, the material of blister tray samples will reconsider, by contrast, copper effect the results should be better. Contrast is an article: on a variety of blister tray material under the performance characteristics of a disposable plastic food tray cup provides all kinds of plastic cup to go drink and field use
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