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Characteristics of Plastic Food Tray

Characteristics of Plastic Food Tray


In our daily life, we often see plastic trays for food. Compared with iron trays, plastic food trays have more applications. Let me introduce the characteristics of plastic food trays.

1. Widely used: can be used to hold fruits, cakes, etc.

2. Waterproof: The plastic food tray has better water resistance, chemical stability, and no rust.

3. Easy to clean: The surface of the plastic is relatively smooth. If the surface gets oily, it is easier to clean.

4. Light weight: The plastic food tray is lighter because of the material problem, and it can take a lot of plastic trays without effort.

5. Abrasion resistance: It has good transparency and abrasion resistance. Generally, it is not easy to be worn out, and the use time is relatively long.

There are many advantages of food plastic food trays, but no matter how good the quality of plastic food trays, we need our daily maintenance. It should be noted here that food plastic trays should avoid direct sunlight.

The clear plastic food tray is mainly used as the outer packaging of the product. Because the whole body is transparent, the products in the plastic box can be seen intuitively, so the clear plastic food tray is widely adopted. The clear plastic food tray has the following benefits

1. The packaging effect of the clear plastic food tray is excellent. There are PVC, PET, PP and other materials. The surface can be directly processed with gold foil, silver foil, metal color, matte, three-dimensional grating, and various special printing such as cloth, wood and leather. As a result, the printed products produced by the new cooperation are more accurate, with bright colors and strong ink adhesion.

2. The clear plastic food tray cooperates with the newest and most advanced flexible thread technology, which can make the transparent plastic box easy to form, square and straight, strong supporting force, time-saving packaging, and labor cost saving. Folded box products have good advantages in manufacturing cost and production speed.

3. The clear plastic food tray has good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and impact resistance, and has high mechanical strength, which can protect the product well.

4. The clear plastic food tray allows consumers to directly see the products inside, so that the products can be better displayed in front of customers, helps the promotion of products, and can leave a deeper image for customers, thus standing out on the shelf.

5. Clear plastic food tray packaging can design various color patterns and different shapes of packaging boxes to improve the product grade and product competitiveness.

6. The clear plastic food tray is packed in a flat stack, and it is covered with a protective film, which can avoid the scratches, bending deformation, damage and other undesirable conditions of the packaging box during transportation, and can also reduce the transportation cost.

The clear plastic food tray can effectively increase the added value of the product and make the product stand out on the shelf. Use the newly-cooperated transparent plastic box packaging to make the product clear and easy for customers to purchase, thus multiplying your product sales. Practice has proved that customers are more willing to buy "visible" products.


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