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Classification of Clear Plastic Food Tray

Classification of Clear Plastic Food Tray


Clear Plastic Food Tray are generally made of PP materials. Because it is made of PP materials, we generally call them PP Clear Plastic Food Tray. However, according to the customer’s product appearance requirements and product characteristics, PP materials The choice is also diverse, so PP materials are also divided into PP natural color, PP natural color transparent, PP high transparent material, and PP color material, and the product characteristics produced by each PP material are different, and the use is also different. , The editor of Shanghai Plastic Products Shengaoda will come to learn about the characteristics and uses of blister packaging boxes produced by PP materials.

PP natural color transparent material, we also call translucent PP material, this material has two characteristics of high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance, but low temperature resistance and high temperature resistance are not very good, so we can only do something that does not require low temperature resistance and high temperature resistance. Very strict products, generally used for factory freezing interview packaging. This product cannot be processed at high temperature in a micro-boiler; and the PP high-transparent material can be heated in a microwave oven. This PP material is resistant to low temperature and high temperature Yes, it can also be sealed, but the price of this material is also the highest. If some products need high temperature and low temperature resistance at the same time, we generally use high-transparent PP materials to produce products. This PP material is produced It is no problem for the product to be processed at high temperature in a micro boiler.

PP material actually has a feature of low density, so after blister molding, the product is thinner than other materials PVC, PET, etc., so when we design PP products, the materials used need to be thicker than other materials, so we When choosing, we must choose different types of Clear Plastic Food Tray according to our products.

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