Disposable fast-food box box hot food safe?

by:Weihan     2020-06-21
As food delivery network is more and more developed, the citizens need only little cell phone under a single, and a variety of delicious meals can be sent to her mouth. While enjoying the convenience and delicious at the same time, the citizens have paid close attention to the use of disposable plastic tableware safety problems. There are concerns that high temperature of the food directly into snack box, will & other; Hot & throughout; The & other; Poison & throughout; 吗? To this, reporter with the part of hot food stores of the disposable plastic snack box, to Qingdao comprehensive quality inspection center for testing. The reporter understands in the interview, deposit than ordinary high temperature ingredients, use of disposable plastic tableware with a greater risk of greasy food. Concern: the disposable fast-food box hot food safe? Wang last week, the public through the phone order, for her daughter ordered a phoenix street, a Chinese fast food meal. After 15 minutes, take-away was delivered to the door. Wang will take out food, she find it a very hot steamed egg, also is in a one-off plastic bowls of stew directly, not from other tableware to takeout containers of signs; Another flourish with sauce meat dishes snack box, probably because of food some deformation temperature was too high. “ These disposable plastic food tray lunch box, for the hot food, safe? Will be in the snack box & lsquo; Hot & rsquo; The harmful substances? ” Ms. Wang is very concern. Reporters visited phoenix street, is along the street several more popular fast food restaurant and cafe, found when give guest take-out food stores, are mostly cheng fang just make good use of disposable snack box, temperature is high noodles in soup, congee, wonton, or Fried food, they used by snack box looks similar, is transparent white, with a certain thickness of plastic food tray products. Have the store staff, said in the past that kind of foam tableware most restaurants are no longer in use, now many shop take-away food with packaging mostly look good quality plastic boxes, and other Haven't heard about in this fast food boxes of hot food have what problem. ” Remind: cheng fang high oil food makes careful with disposable plastic tableware while the reporter plastic food tray snack box test results is good, but the min xing warns a citizen, or in daily life should try to avoid using disposable plastic tableware fat foods. Experiment: PP material selection boxes thermal stability good reporter a few shops for high temperature food lunch boxes, just after one by one into the boiling water, most of the box to knead up some a little soft, but did not smell any peculiar smell. Subsequently, the reporter from four different shops with a disposable plastic lunch box, material to suzhou city comprehensive testing center of quality inspection department, of an engineer there, please check. Inspectors respectively using n-hexane and water ( A colorless liquid) And analog neutral food and greasy food, thermal stability and evaporation residue detection of disposable plastic lunch boxes. According to introducing, evaporation residue refers to food contact materials, simulated oil after soaking in water, then soak liquid dry out of the proceeds of the all is not the amount of volatile substances. Residue into the human body adverse impact on health, will also directly affect food color, aroma, taste, etc. Testing personnel with 60 ℃, 80 ℃ and 95 ℃ hot water, soak journalist sample plastic tableware for 2 hours, the results found that thermal stability is good, the tableware stripping residue were no obvious change; With 40 ℃ n-hexane imitate soaking greasy food tableware after two hours, detected from the soaking liquid residue are within the scope of the standard limit. Suzhou comprehensive testing center of quality material inspection department minister li-xia liu, currently on the market the use of disposable plastic tableware materials mostly & other; 页” ( Polypropylene) , the reporter makes tableware is PP material. This kind of flexible material itself is good, do not need to use a large number of plasticizer in the production process to make its forming, is relatively high safety material. With the increase of temperature, PP material of plastic cutlery in acid medium water and thermal stability is generally good, the highest heat temperature up to 130 ℃. And other like PET - Polyethylene terephthalate) Material of heat-resisting temperature is only about 70 ℃, is only suitable for used for holding the cold. So, if you want to use plastic boxes with hot porridge hot food, such as, no oil liquid, and suggest people choose PP material products as much as possible. Li-xia liu, prior to this, city quality comprehensive testing center who accepts the commission of the jiangsu province department of quality control, 45 batches for sales on the market use plastic bowl is used to detect the quality safety risk, most of these samples for PP material. In the risk monitoring, detection researchers found, is about 20 ℃ with n-hexane immerse evaporation residue experiments again after two hours, as a result, more than thirty percent of the samples failed to pass. This means that the plastic bowl when in direct contact with grease food easy to dissolve the residue, the more residue and dissolution, the higher the risk of use, the more can bring adverse effect to health. The reporter sees in the risk monitoring report, & other Disposable plastic tableware if a large amount of calcium carbonate is added in the production of raw materials, talcum powder, industrial paraffin wax, recycling waste, etc. , it is easy to cause excess evaporation residue of products. The minerals and additives such as oil and food contains substances such as easy to dissolve each other, with the food enters the body, may cause indigestion, local pain and liver disorder, serious still can cause gallstones, heavy metal poisoning, and even cancer, etc. ” Fujian xing suggested, therefore, people should be careful when packaged food disposable plastic lunch box, especially oily larger and higher temperature packaging food, had better choose other safer tableware.
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