Disposable foam plastic snack box five big mistake

by:Weihan     2020-06-21
Disposable foam plastic snack box last may was released, regain the legal status, but doubts still is heard around it. The National Development and Reform Commission, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, state administration for industry and commerce, food and drug supervision, and China light industry federation, China plastics processing industry association, the green packaging professional committee of China environmental science society, such as plastic food tray packaging of China packaging federation committee five association, together for the first time that the common clarification about the disposable foam boxes spending five big error, for its & other; Name & throughout; 。 When heated to 65 ℃, s tableware produces strong carcinogens 2 s English? Have 2 s English need to have a combination of three conditions: material containing benzene ring and chlorine and bromine compounds exist at the same time; Temperature above 300 ℃ to 400 ℃; There is a metal catalyst. Disposable foam plastic tableware containing benzene ring only this one condition, it is not possible to produce 2 s English. S release when they are heated dimer and trimer, environmental hormones, harmful to human body? International research institutions have done a test on this issue, has been clear: disposable foam tableware of dimer, trimer don't have disrupt the body's endocrine estrogen nature. Any products should be used correctly, of course, if the foam tableware with boiled, with the microwave, it must be bad. Polystyrene is not high temperature resistant, is not suitable for microwave oven, so as long as packaged food temperature does not exceed 70 ℃, in the case of the rational use, will not produce harmful substances. S tableware contains bisphenol A, can lead to reproductive dysfunction? Advertisement is bisphenol A polycarbonate, epoxy resin, unsaturated polyester resin monomer, styrene and it does not belong to the same kind of material, disposable foam plastic food tray tableware structure does not contain bisphenol A, also can't be infected with bisphenol A impurities, so the above idea is nonsense. S foaming agent used in the damage of atmospheric ozone layer? Early foaming agent, foam tableware with freon do have harm to the ozone layer, but the present CFC foaming agent has been replaced by butane and pentane, so as not to damage to the atmosphere. S no good recovery mode, brings & other; White pollution & throughout; 吗? To ease & other disposable foam boxes; White pollution & throughout; Recycling is the key. Vice chairman of China light industry federation, China plastics processing industry association director Qian Guijing said that at present, the disposable foam plastic tableware can produce frame, picture frame, building insulation materials, office appliance such as a variety of recycled product. Next China will set up disposable foam plastic food tray tableware recycling system, strengthen the development and application of recycled product, make & other White pollution & throughout; No longer happen.
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