Disposable lunch box can be heated in the microwave oven?

by:Weihan     2020-06-17
Disposable lunch box can be heated in the microwave oven? With modern social life rhythm speeding up, the disposable lunch box into our life gradually, gradually into our life, the growing demand of disposable lunch boxes, people has higher requirement for quality of life, environmental non-toxic plastic products production of disposable plastic food tray products, below small make up to you with a little knowledge about lunch boxes. With plastic lunch boxes are made of PP polypropylene and PS polystyrene two kinds, all slaughter, non-toxic tasteless, odourless PP is relatively soft, general PP using temperature is - 10 degrees to + 110 degrees, so especially suitable for holding a hot meal hot food, it can be heated in the microwave, or even in the steam gas cooking, modification of PP can be controlled in - its working temperature 20 degrees to + 121 degrees, the PP made lunch box besides can be heated to 100 degrees to use, more can be used to refrigerate. PS is hard, but high transparency, but easy to fracture, PS began to grow soft when use temperature is 75 degrees, so not suitable for holding a hot meal hot food, but the low temperature properties of PS is better, is ice cream. Good packaging material, if it is used for fruits and vegetables the refrigerator can choose PS box. Some lunch box factory in order to reduce cost, use do PP box, the use of PS in the lid, the lid benefit is transparent, and PS is relatively hard, can be made with relatively thin material, reduce the cost, but this kind of design consumers must understand the differences of two materials, and polystyrene ( PS) Only the heat to 90 ℃. Such as temperature more than their thermal limit and plasticizer has the possibility of release, so should avoid long-term use of high temperature heating hot food plastic lunch box, remember that in the case of unknown the lid of a box the material do not connect the lunch box lid were heated in the microwave. Using starch as raw materials type edible snack box, as the name suggests, it was based on the starch plants as a raw material ( Padding) Surface for PP material, adding dietary fiber and other edible processed by mixing kneading, it USES of biological compound, chitosan crosslinked, calcium ion chelating technologies such as refined but become, use the temperature is - 20 degrees to + 120 degrees, so especially suitable for holding a hot meal hot food, it can be heated in the microwave, more can be put into the refrigerator, using starch as raw materials made of a lunch box manufacturing cost is higher, if you find very cheap, so it may not be true of such materials. The previous: eat with disposable plastic food tray bowl toxic? What harm plastic food tray bowl next up: the last page
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