Disposable lunch box selection is very important

by:Weihan     2020-06-17
Disposable lunch box it is very important to choose the disposable lunch box manufacturers to teach you how to choose: 1, check whether & other tableware; QS” Marks, choose PE ( Polyethylene) And PP ( Polypropylene) Printed plastic food tray products. 2, to determine the price of reference boxes. Qualified environmental protection plastic food tray lunch box, the cost of each Angle of at least 1 more than 5 cents, is that if you buy 1 Angle of 5 cent the following boxes, it is environmental protection boxes of possibility is very small, how can businesses do not make money? 3, disposable lunch box had better go to a large supermarket or manufacturer sourcing, sells on the market price of low-quality time batch number, trademarks, production of disposable tableware used should be careful to buy. 4, choose plastic food tray disposable tableware, had better choose transparent. 5, when consumer is buying disposable tableware, it is better to remember to identify counterfeit green boxes in mandarin. A: online purchase disposable lunch box need to pay attention to? Next article: the source of reworked material used production blister tray
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