Disposable lunch box toxic?

by:Weihan     2020-06-10
The disposable fast-food containers manufacturing materials, non-toxic also different, but the disposable fast-food box belong to manufactured products, use for a long time will produce toxic to the body. Material: in the past on the market of foam boxes because not environmental protection has been gradually accepted by consumers do not use and consumption reduced. Qingdao min xing disposable packaging boxes such as environmental protection, there are mainly plastics, paper, starch and rare metals. Suggestion: 1. At ordinary times should be used with care to use less, disposable lunch box, it is best to carry their own lunch box is health and economy. 2. I was not clear whether pure PP production, it is best not to put the microwave. 3. For foamed plastic food tray boxes should be used in the vendor refused to use. 4. Bad parts manufacturers to join plasticizer for processing, generally the plasticizer dissolve in oil, if it is a hot oil, dissolve, so oily food, there will be a small amount of plasticizer dissolved into the oil, and then transferred to the food, if long-term contact plasticizer or excess, can produce certain effect to the body. The use of disposable lunch boxes to identify strengths and weaknesses, eligible boxes can be at ease use. Should try to avoid using disposable lunch box contains high temperature food, Fried food, vinegar mixed with rice wine.
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