Disposable paper cups and disposable plastic cups which good

by:Weihan     2020-06-10
Disposable paper cups and disposable plastic cups which good outside guest on how often the use of disposable paper cups? You may think it's & other; Health & throughout; 。 Selection can be A part of the common paper cups on the market of the experiments show that the average, the concentration of bisphenol A rose 36 times & ndash; — Some disposable paper cup & other than plastic cup; Power & throughout; Stronger N times. “ Throughout south university's college of community popular science lectures &; Came to nanjing yesterday don't worry about the new community, and doctoral tutor professor urheen to community residents environmental hormone, the harm to people. Experiment: paper than plastic cup & other; Poison & throughout; 30 times the bisphenol A is A chemical widely used in plastics manufacturing. Adding bisphenol A can make the plastic product is colorless, transparent, light and durable and shock proof. So, most of the plastic bottles used in newborn contain bpa. Water machine barrel, plastic food tray tableware, disposable paper cups and other commodities also contain bpa. “ As A kind of environmental hormone, bisphenol A is similar to the estrogen-like effects in animals, has A great harm on the neonatal development and human reproduction. ” Professor urheen said. Therefore, the eu in May this year, China will be starting in September of this year to stop the circulation bisphenol A plastic bottle. The test results are published in the American journal of harmful substances and the Netherlands two magazine 'analytical chemistry'. Many people may not know, however, bisphenol A is not only widely add in plastic daily necessities, also can find it in the paper products & other Throughout the &; 。 Premiere professor had picked some common commodity grouping comparison measurement. First is the disposable cups, disposable plastic cups, disposable lunch box comparison bpa content determination showed that bpa concentrations of disposable paper cup is the highest, nearly 30 times that of disposable plastic cups, this result also makes the urheen the professor by surprise. The subsequent experiment, she put the containing 0. 0855 ng/ml of bisphenol A in tap water to pour into the disposable paper cup, after A moment, cup bisphenol A tap water content up to 3. 12 ng/ml, more 36 times. Premiere analysis thinks, it is because of disposable paper cups most machining operations. In general, the product machining process, the more the content of bisphenol A (bpa) will be higher. And a set of detection is nanjing rain, bottled water and tap water. Results show that the highest concentration of bisphenol A in water, tap water is more than seven times, and bottled water in not & other; Pure & throughout; , the inside of the concentration of bisphenol A is 1 tap water. 5 times. Suggests the plastic container contains bisphenol A dissolve into the water, into the human body. The previous: one-time four meal dribbling cover, disposable pp take-out lunch box next article: disposable plastic cup size is
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