Disposable plastic cups, calories 500 cc milk tea cups, tea cups, QS milk tea cup

by:Weihan     2020-06-19
Disposable plastic cups, calories 500 cc milk tea cups, tea cups, QS milk tea cups of various specifications, can according to customer request print the perfect picture. More than 10000 can also be printed LOGO supply disposable color printing plastic food tray cups, tea cups, can be customized design. Cup type, respectively is 280 ml, 330 ml, 355 ml, 360 ml, 365 ml, 380 ml, 390 ml, 400 ml, 410 ml, 420 ml, 430 ml, 460 ml, 480 ml, 485 ml, 490 ml, 500 ml, 510 ml, 580 ml, 600 ml, 620 ml, 650 ml, 700 ml, 955 ml. Product features: 1, the material description: this paragraph is a food-grade plastic food tray ( Polypropylene) , healthy environmental protection, use for a long time - temperature 10° ~105℃。 2, transparent, and unified. 3, appearance and generous fashion, is the general liquor stores in the first place. Product photos: milk tea cup delivery situation: in determining the printing sample, usually within 10 days of delivery on time. Other: at the same time provide other disposable packaging products, including all kinds of flat cover, half dome, straws, packaging bags, and so on. The previous: how much is the specifications of disposable plastic food tray cup next article: 700 cc milk tea cups, disposable plastic cups, 700 ml of plastic cups, pp plastic milk tea cup
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