Disposable plastic cups disposable containers for drinks and tea

by:Weihan     2020-06-19
Disposable plastic cups of drinks and tea disposable containers disposable plastic cup with the continuous improvement of living standard, people's demands are changing, was investigated for & quot; Quantity & quot; And now is investigated & quot; Quality & quot; . So, people increase to the requirement of health at the same time, also has given rise to some new rise eating utensils. So on the market a lot of disposable products arises at the historic moment. Indeed, these disposable products is very convenient, has also been recognized by people, so their popularity, can be found in many places. But people often ignore their impact on their own. cup is used by a large number of a kind of material, especially used in the manufacture of bottles, space cup, etc. In recent years, the bottles because contain bisphenol A and controversial. Experts point out that, in theory, as long as in the process of making plastic cups, bisphenol A hundred into plastic structure, then said products without bisphenol A, not to mention release. Only, if there is A small amount of bisphenol A is not converted into the plastic cup plastic structure, may be released into the food or drink. Residual bisphenol A plastic cup, the higher the temperature, the more release, the faster the speed. Therefore, should not be to PC bottle of hot water. If there are any hurt or damaged container, we suggest to stop using, because plastic products surface if slightly grooved, bacteria easy to hide. On an article: disposable plastic food tray cups used for storage containers other goods next article: why do you want to choose a plastic tray
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