Disposable plastic cups of bisphenol A is the main raw material production of polycarbonate plastic

by:Weihan     2020-06-20
Disposable plastic food tray cups of bisphenol A (bpa) is A major raw material in the production of polycarbonate plastic disposable plastic cup plastic cups for modelling changeable, colour and lustre is gorgeous, price is low, and break non-friable, etc, by many people, especially children, adolescents, and to an activity, such as NongJiShou, construction personnel and construction workers alike. But the expert reminds: long-term use of plastic water bottle water is unsafe, not recommended to use plastic cups. The reasons are as follows: one is belong to plastic polymer chemistry material, often containing poly (acrylic or PVC polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and toxic chemicals. With plastic cups water, inevitable with hot water or boiling water. When using plastic cup with hot water, especially the boiled water, toxic chemicals from the plastic is easy to analysis into the water, drink the water for a long time, will inevitably cause a harm to human body. Second, the plastic cup breeds bacteria, and not easy to wash. This is because the seemingly smooth surface of the plastic is not smooth, the internal microscopic structure has a lot of small pore shelter evil people and practices easily, these small gap and to clean it up in the conventional way. 3 it is sold on the market of plastic cups are mostly made of polycarbonate, bisphenol A (bpa) is one of the main raw material production of polycarbonate plastic. A: disposable plastic cups when using not in the sun under the sun straight a: disposable plastic cups used as storage containers of other items
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