Disposable plastic lunch boxes are so loved

by:Weihan     2020-06-19
Disposable plastic food tray lunch box so it is favored in the rapid development of modern cities, with the growth of economy, and gradually formed a kind of high efficient fast food culture. As the most important part of the fast food culture, in addition to every fast-food restaurant chefs, guys perfect cooperate, nature is little not food packaging carton. Learned, prevalence of foaming type on the market before lunch box, by reporters after several media not environmental protection, has gradually become the consumer most office workers, students can not accept, making it the use and production of more and more low. In recent years, the market of disposable lunch boxes, have been successfully upgrade transformation, from the original system of foam lunch boxes to environmental protection now lunch box. The original foam lunch box because it is high temperature resistant material, and the production process of environmental damage and to be eliminated, replaced by a series of environmentally friendly lunch boxes, plastic food tray lunch box, paper lunch boxes, wooden lunch box, the degradation of lunch box & hellip; … In these boxes of environmental protection, because the plastic boxes which has higher melting point, high plasticity, low toxicity, is simple and relatively low production cost advantages, and become the preferred materials to make the disposable fast-food containers. For example, PP plastic lunch box, PP refers to polypropylene, has excellent mechanical properties and thermal properties, especially suitable for the microwave food packaging applications, environmental protection and safety. China most people know that the disposable lunch box, no matter from the Angle of health or environmental protection point of view there are a lot of controversy, however is coveted its convenient, would have been used. Environmental experts remind us that the disposable lunch box is not available in the market today are all meet the national standards, the long-term use of substandard plastic food tray lunch box is will bring bad effects to the body, so bring your own lunch box is preferred. The previous: disposable packaging bowl application conforms to the current consumption patterns next article: PET protective film in the PET film why use at most
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