Disposable plastic packing box from some time

by:Weihan     2020-06-20
Since disposable foam plastic tableware in 1986 on the train began to use up to now, although only ten years of history, but because of its advantages such as health, convenient, cheap and heavily used throughout the country, because failure to strengthen management, and thus caused the nationwide landscape and serious pollution of environment, from the railway, shipping, shipping to each scenic spots and large and medium-sized cities, the ubiquitous white foam boxes pollution has reached the degree of cure is not. Someone emphasis on recycling management should be strengthened, but not fully considered how to recycle these big, the proportion of small volume, and particularly when abandoned tableware, and such problems as how to carry on the reasonable use; It is suggested that should ban the use of these difficult environment given plastic food tray tableware, replaced in easily degraded paper tableware, but did not give full consideration to the Chinese diet, living standards and the papermaking process problem such as environmental pollution; Some people think that the heavy use of foamed fast food tableware has the advantages of high quality, low price, the only drawback is that it is difficult to environment is given, if can be developed into an environment given degradable plastics will not solve the problem, but it does not take into account the degradation one-time consumption of resources, the overall benefit of the environment and the difficulty of the technology and other issues. So, how can disposable tableware pollution governance? New green boxes and who to take first? How to carry out the alternative work? According to my years of experience put forward the following some tableware pollution treatment, the relevant departments for reference.
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