Disposable plastic packing box

by:Weihan     2020-06-20
Disposable plastic food tray packaging container: the effect of preservation box use resin material, general temperature tolerance range: the high temperature of 120 ℃, the most - at low temperature 20℃。 Preservation box is not only convenient and practical, and can store food classify ground. Preservation box can be either in the refrigerator for food cold storage, also can put in the microwave for heating or use dishwasher to clean. Raw fish, raw meat in the refrigerator, cold drinks, fruits, leftovers, leftovers, etc. In the absence of tight packing, stored in the refrigerator at the same time, once a metamorphic, will soon be contaminated food, induce chain metamorphism, stale. In the crisper can good surface this to happen, will not make the food changing. And different shape preservation box is suitable for different shapes of food, in the refrigerator is put in order. Square preservation box is suitable for the freezer cupboard door, can be used to store all kinds of ingredients and saddle. Rectangular container with water board, easy to store more water food, such as fruits, vegetables and seafood. Circular preservation box is suitable for storing sauce, soy sauce, and a variety of dishes. Various crisper, make the refrigerator more tidy, also make food for a long time is in the best state of preservation. Crisper also let us to replace the original PVC food film, PVC food film does great harm to human body, because its composition of ethyl hexyl amine ( DEHA) Easy to precipitate, after food enters the human body, have effect that cause cancer to the human body
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