Disposable plastic tray, super fresh fruit and vegetable packaging tray upset transparent plate of 500

by:Weihan     2020-06-20
Disposable plastic food tray tray, super fresh fruit and vegetable packaging tray upset transparent plate 500 products universal coverage snack box, cup, milk tea cup, pudding cup, coffee cup, fruit and vegetable box, paper bags, fast food containers, disposable oil category, is committed to become the user to buy high quality, environmental protection, health, food containers and the excellent brand of disposable tableware. Customer focused Yu Liansuo restaurants, milk tea shop, fruit garden, fresh home delivery, high-end stores and star hotel, KTV, cooperation customers with amway, dior, mengniu, xiamen airlines and other well-known brands. The previous: food supermarket to live fresh fruits and vegetables tray tray plastic tray one-off environmental protection tray next article: disposable cup 400 ml cup of pearl milk tea cup plastic food tray transparent light cup
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