Food blister tray material

by:Weihan     2020-06-22
Food involves blister tray material blister tray as a common kind of blister packaging products, with the improvement of people's living standard and the development, more and more of the blister tray appear in people's life. Due to its special performance, we not only can be blister tray is applied to a variety of electronic products packaging, also can be used in the food. Blister tray is a kind of play dress up, separation, support, shockproof and foil the action such as blister products, see today's daily life such as: all kinds of biscuits, cakes, oral liquid, cosmetics, mobile phone products such as the internal plastic food tray packing box is the blister tray products, in addition, we can also be blister tray used in industrial production, its mainly used for storage, transport parts of plastic food tray tray is put into use. Used in food, medicine and other industries blister tray, when most of us have used materials are some of the environmental performance of materials, such as: HIPS, BOPS, PP and PET, etc. A: plastic food tray tray is generally used in what areas? Next article: blister tray in the practical application value
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