How about disposable packaging processing and design

by:Weihan     2020-06-14
How to disposable packaging processing and design professional thin-wall snack box mold in injection mold industry seems simple, actually very professional, including uniform cooling water, cooling effect and the product wall thickness control, more can reflect the aspect of professional to see whether the number of cavity and the modulus, the company can do more than a mold cavity, and the modulus of ultra-high, like general aviation cup mold can do one module and four cavities, every module is 4 seconds - 5 seconds. Rotomolding snack box forming principle that plastic food tray forming is also called spin, Rotational molding, Rotational molding, Rotational molding, rotary forming, such as English expression for Rotational Moulding. Shanghai elevator roll forming process is first will join the rest of the mould of plastic raw materials, and then die along two vertical axis revolve and heated, the mould of plastic raw materials under the effect of gravity and thermal energy, evenly coated, gradually melt adhesive on the entire surface of the cavity, forming the shape of the required, then through shaped by cooling products. Boxes design case: we need to design a high-grade take-out lunch box 1, take-out food for liangpi, need according to liangpi targeted design, built-in 2 items: liangpi ( Volume is about 1000 ml) , independent suction nozzle juice packages ( About 250 ml) ( Shape as shown in figure) , hot pepper is wrapped ( 50毫升) , the chopsticks, 21 - 23 cm long, with chopsticks sets) ( As shown in figure) , a single tissue, the single stick of gum ( As shown in figure) , requires that all things in boxes, and have an independent place. 3 boxes material for transparent plastic (not, Blister process) , head cover and the box body fission, appearance is complete cuboid. All items in the inner layer ( As shown in figure) , lifted the lid on the enclosed kraft paper cover ( The cover design need not design) To the top, box body, cover paper wants to coordinate, color match. 4, lunch box shape simple atmosphere, attention to detail. 5, the inner layer design should pay attention to stir liangpi to set aside space. 6, overall feel requires high-end, atmosphere, concise, grade. A sense of quality, at the same time, there can be no sense of excessive packaging. Need to design some: 1, boxes of internal and external structure, size, texture, color, material 2, plastic food tray package and chili package structure, size, texture, color, material don't need to design parts: 1, the design of specific to cover printing on 2, chopsticks sets of printing design
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