How about production technology for plastic food trays in Weihan?
It is a guarantee made by Zhongshan Weihan Plastic Technical Co.,Ltd that our production technology stays lead in the plastic food trays segmentation and provides you with quality products at reasonable prices. Every year we make a huge investment in manufacturing technology which dominates a great percentage to the total sales. The product that relies on manufacturing technology has been certified.

As a China-based company, Weihan specializes in designing and manufacturing Clear Fruit Box with years of experience in the marketplace. The Clear Plastic Food Tray series is one of the main products of Weihan. During the production of Weihan disposable containers, advanced water treatment technologies are implanted in its systems. The technologies may be the reverse osmosis, membrane filtration, or ultrafiltration. The product has the performance of cold and heat resistance. The product complies with international quality standards and has a long service life. The product is characterized by high strength and strong toughness.

Focusing on the point of fruit container also serves well in the improvement of our team. Ask!
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