How did Weihan design plastic tray ?
The specialist designers in Zhongshan Weihan Plastic Technical Co.,Ltd are accountable for this, which includes drafting, idea exchange, drawing, sample manufacturing, and test. A significant sum of cash in put into the plastic tray design annually. It can be customized by us depending on your requirements. During this, negotiation and idea exchange are keys.

Weihan has been engaged in Self-heating box designing and manufacturing for many years. We possess in-depth expertise in this kind of product and market. The Clear Fruit Box series is one of the main products of Weihan. During the designing stage of Weihan fruit container, the seal between the rotating and stationary members has been taken into more consideration because these parts are important to the overall effectiveness. The product has the performance of cold and heat resistance. clear plastic food tray is manufactured based on high-quality materials. It not only has good shock absorption and anti-slip resistance but also has excellent UV resistance and acid and alkali resistance. It is a very durable and high-quality product.

Long-term green development is what our team pursue. Check it!
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