How long is the warranty period of self-heating lunch box ?
On "Product" page, there is a specific warranty period for self-heating lunch box . The warranty period is set to reduce the risks for you. They may get money back, receive free repairs or exchange an item for a free placement. In regard to the items not under warranty, we reserve right of final interpretation.

Being an experienced manufacturer and supplier of Self-heating box, Zhongshan Weihan Plastic Technical Co.,Ltd enjoys a sound reputation among many customers across the world. The Clear Fruit Box series is one of the main products of Weihan. After the Weihan Self-heating box is finished, it will go through a trial test to check its water treating capacity from different perspectives including physical, chemical, or biological perspectives to test contamination handling levels. Thanks to the imported air-pressing machine, it has the characteristics of uniform thickness and high dimensional precision. Clear Plastic Food Tray has good wear resistance, aging resistance, and tear resistance. It is long in service life and is not prone to cracking, scratching, abrasion, and tearing.

Accurately grasping the pulse of the times, Weihan concentrates on the innovation development to be more competitive in the market. Contact!
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