How much is the disposable plastic cup specifications

by:Weihan     2020-06-19
How many cups disposable plastic food tray cup size is generally can be divided into nine ounces and 6. 5 oz paper cups and tasting cup. 9 oz cup 52 mm * 75 mm * 85 mm ( Fluently under * *) Capacity: 220 ml, 6. 5 oz glass of 52 mm * 70 mm * 70 mm ( Fluently under * *) Capacity: 180 ml, tasting cup of 55 mm * * 60 mm (38 mm Fluently under * *) Capacity: 86 ml. Generally we are living in the life the paper cups are generally used by 6. 5 oz paper cup. The previous: disposable paper cups and disposable plastic food tray cups which good next article: disposable plastic food tray cups, calories 500 cc milk tea cups, tea cups, QS milk tea cup
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