How to choose the safer disposable plastic cup

by:Weihan     2020-06-14
How to choose the safer disposable plastic food tray cup with the continuous improvement of living standard, people's demands are changing, was investigated for & quot; Quantity & quot; And now is investigated & quot; Quality & quot; . So, people increase to the requirement of health at the same time, also has given rise to some new rise eating utensils. So on the market a lot of disposable products arises at the historic moment. Indeed, these disposable products is very convenient, has also been recognized by people, so their popularity, can be found in many places. But people often ignore their impact on their own. So, a one-time product is beneficial or harmful to human body? In January 2007, and is the nearest & quot; Medical waste morphing into disposable cups & quot; Events. Newspaper reporters a freight worker according to the market to provide address, came to the west is a paper cup manufacturer, here not only produce plastic cup also production of disposable paper cups. In front of a machine, the workers are in a big pool of all kinds of waste plastic dissolve into the high temperature machine, the reporter found in the debris mixed with some pieces of plastic with a needle scale. Then put dissolves plastic article in production machines, plus some auxiliary materials, the waste plastic becomes a piece of a piece of plastic, was making a cup of machine, is not big, a a plastic cup mouth made from another machine. While in another pool, soak a large number of all kinds of waste paper, it is understood that these things is the raw material used to make a one-time cup, then add in the process of production and processing of fluorescent whitening agent, this made paper cups are very white. Therefore, the choose and buy of disposable cups is very important. So, how to identify? Sum up for & quot; Three watch & quot; 。 Look at the packing. Product packaging should indicate the name of the manufacturer, address, product standards, production date, etc. See appearance. Paper cup shape should be crisp, should not have to be out of shape. When choosing paper cups, usable hand gently squeezed in the cup side, can be roughly know the stand or fall of stiffness of the cup body. If paper color is white, don't look normal, also had better not to buy it. Watch factory. Generally to the formal channels to buy normal manufacturer of products, such health conditions can be guaranteed. In addition, when the harmful component content larger disposable cups, can also be a preliminary discrimination. You can add hot water into the cups, if when they end up serious deformation, even smell, that do not use. If you have fluorescent lamp ( Can verify the authenticity of the light) The disposable cups, in the light irradiation, if the blue cup body, which contains a lot of fluorescent whitening agent. A: analyses: classification of plastic pallet and the weight of each type and application scope: next article PVC material is characterized by blister packaging one of the most used materials
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