How to ensure long-term use plastic tray is not broken

by:Weihan     2020-06-14
How to ensure that no plastic food tray pallet has been damaged by long-term use plastic tray with long service life, no pollution, low prices are favored by many manufacturers. But many manufacturers of wonder, the plastic tray why is it so easy to bad, just bought a new, it won't be long before it broke down again, but some manufacturer a plastic food tray tray can be used for a long time. In fact this is and you usually use tray did the use of the specification. When using plastic food tray pallet, it is better to put light with light, when the ground to avoid uneven hand, can cause the wastage of the tray. When placed on the tray goods to evenly placed, to avoid pressure when handling, and easy to cause CeWai. Goods should consider when handling equipment size is suitable enough tray to use, to avoid inappropriate size, broken pallets. When stacking is used, consideration should be given at the bottom of a tray bearing. Specification the use of plastic tray, tray can be longer service life. A: plastic tray problem occurs on forming the next article: blister tray concrete application fields have?
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