How to improve the efficiency of the use of plastic tray?

by:Weihan     2020-06-11
How to improve the efficiency of the use of plastic food tray tray? 1, plastic food tray tray as a ceiling, namely the pallet loading of the goods after no longer move, just have the effect of moistureproof and waterproof, can choose simple structure, lower cost of tray, such as simple plastic tray, but should pay attention to the static loads of the tray. 2, used to transport, handling, loading and unloading of the tray, choose high strength, large dynamic loading tray. This kind of tray due to repeated use and should be used with forklift, therefore higher requirement towards the intensity of the tray, it requires that the structure of the tray is & other; Field type & throughout; Or is it & other Sichuan fonts & throughout; . 3, according to the tray after loading the goods whether to stacking, decided to choose single or double tray. Since there is only one single tray bearing surface, not suitable for stacking, otherwise easy to significantly lower level of damage to the goods. So after the loading of the goods need to stacking, must try to choose double tray. 4, tray if it is placed on three-dimensional location within the shelves, must consider whether the structure of the tray is suitable for stack on the shelf. Because usually only in both directions from the shelves in the goods, so for shelf tray should choose as far as possible all around into the fork of the pallet. Such facilitating forklift fork take goods, improve the work efficiency. The tray selection sichuan words, field, double-sided. A: plastic food tray tray circulation under the sharing system is so capricious a: the service life of the blister tray and anti-static index
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