How to properly clean plastic red wine glasses?

by:Weihan     2020-06-14
How to properly clean plastic food tray red wine glasses? We in the family party, wedding or party occasions, there are a lot of people like to drink red wine, red wine is a kind of high quality of life, red wine is clean also is a very important link, in front of the wine is very important one step is to prepare a clean wine glass, a good glass can play out the aroma of the wine, the color of the wine can make us more observed visually, although it is easy to drink red wine glass cleaning is a seemingly ordinary but the practice is not easy. How can we correct cleaning plastic red wine glasses? Bottom! The variety of red wine, red wine cup size plastic is complete, the goblet modelling elegant, cup body slender, colorful and varied, high quality raw material, safe environmental protection, PC material crushing, excellent toughness, long service life, widely used in hotels, bars, discos, swimming pool, outdoor and other places, is the best alternative to glass goblet. Cup body can be printed LOGO, for each big company for gift, promotional brand is the best choice. Red wine glass cleaning method: 1. Cleaner methods: careless when using glass with oil, we can fill a glass one or two drops of detergent, and soft cotton towel to wipe, make sure that all the smeary clean, then pour into glass shakes, flush with water, and repeat until there is no bubble. 2. Cold water wash: first we put the red wine in a basin of cold water, soak a few minutes to wash, can use soft cotton towel for cleaning, need to pay attention to when cleaning glass light with light. After clean glass, the glass above the water drops can't jilt, nor water such as natural dry, gently with a soft cotton dry towel to wipe glass, the watermarking and fingerprints are clean. Red wine in the cleaning is complete, if want to traces of water wipe clean up red wine glasses, this situation must use the correct cleaning methods, at the time of use towel to wipe the red wine glasses, must be carried out in accordance with the same direction to wipe, in the process of wiping in circles while wiping, at the same time pay attention to in the process of cleaning strength cannot too big, it can be red wine glasses wipe very clean. 3. Just use warm water to clean: for the red wine glasses, if want to clean red wine glasses, can directly use warm water to clean, warm water cleaning method is relatively simple, direct with warm water to flush red wine glasses, it can be red wine glass wash is very clean. Finally also use soft dry towel dry red wine glass on the water. 4. Baking soda: in the process of cleaning red wine glasses, if you don't want to leave any other taste, it is best to use baking soda to clean red wine glasses, baking soda is a natural cleaner, washed out after red wine leaves other peculiar smell, it is not easy to behind the process of tasting wine also will not affect the quality of the wine. A: what are the purpose of the plastic food tray salad bowl? Next up: plastic food tray cups AS, PS, PP, the distinction between PC4 kind of material?
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