How to remove the smell of the plastic packaging box

by:Weihan     2020-06-11
How to get rid of the smell of plastic food tray packaging boxes, we often use environmental plastic packaging for food, because of too many varieties to taste, even have smell, with cleaner also wash not clean, as below small make up to learn how to remove odor packaging box. Remove the smell in the packaging box, use boiling water first lemon soaked for a period of time, until the water can become yellow; Then pour the lemonade into packing box, placed half an hour, finally get rid of lemonade, lunch boxes and dry, the smell disappeared. Milk to taste, then after using environmental protection plastic food tray packaging box, use detergent to clean first, then stir in two bottles of fresh milk in the packaging box, cover, shaking, make every corner of the contact with the milk packaging box, about a minute and finally draining milk, packaging box clean. Then use orange peel to taste method, used in environmental protection plastic food tray packaging box, use detergent to clean first, again with fresh orange peel as lunch box, cover, 3 - About 4 hours. Finally, a glass of diluted vinegar into the packaging box, about half of the capacity of packaging box looks like on overnight, because vinegar is a good way to combine together, rinse again the next day, in the shade, it is ok to let it dry naturally. We have been to the quality first, customer first, as our service tenet, do our best to provide you with satisfactory service, we sincerely welcome you to our company visit, the choose and buy, hope we have good cooperation opportunity, together create a win-win situation! The previous: disposable paper cup use a lot more and more popular next up: use disposable plastic tray the note
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