Is there instruction manual for fruit salad box ?
At Zhongshan Weihan Plastic Technical Co.,Ltd, the instruction manual is usually provided along with our products. If you do not find the instruction manual in your shipment, please contact us as soon as possible and we will re-deliver to you. The instruction manual contains the guidance of usage/storing/maintenance, which you can also view the related video posed on our website. Our service package includes the attentive after-sales support. For any problems in product quality, maintenance, application, or others, feel free to contact us. Our service principle is to make you satisfied all along.

Established years ago, Weihan is a major company specializing in the design and manufacture of black food containers with clear lids in China. The clear plastic food tray series is one of the main products of Weihan. The product is quality assured as it has passed the ISO certification. It can be made of materials such as PVC, PP, HIPS, PET, APET, and ABS. Weihan carries out the production in strict accordance with national standards. Moreover, black plastic food trays is tested by relevant national authorities to ensure superior quality.

In order to further enhance the core competitiveness, we lays more emphasis on the innovation of our Self-heating Hotpot Box. Welcome to visit our factory!
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