Light plastic tray strengths

by:Weihan     2020-06-10
Light plastic food tray tray strengths of light plastic tray advantages: light weight, cheap price, can be nested ( To save space) , disposable use, suitable for export or goods stored within 500 kg. tray advantages: 1, all around pluggable, easy to operate; 2, is suitable for stacking to each other in the warehouse, and is suitable for use in all kinds of shelves, 3, suitable for all kinds of trucks, convenient unitized, unitized transport of materials; 4, convenient handling tools such as forklifts, hydraulic pallet car homework; 5, cooperate with antiskid rubber, ensure material in the process of handling and transportation will not slip; 6, long service life, and to follow bad to use; 7, use safety, hygiene, insect-resistant moth-proofing, do not need to repair. The previous: analyses the main characteristic of the plastic tray next up: the specifications of the plastic tray of ratio and excellent performance
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