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Product requirements provided by customers

Product requirements provided by the customer.For example: product size, material, thickness, and products need to meet the requirements of anti-cold, anti-static, anti-fog.

Drawing drawing

The engineering design department shall draw drawings according to the requirements of users. The company has an independent design department, direct contact with customers, to professional advice to provide satisfactory design scheme, greatly reduce the drawing, drawing time, more professional service.

Customer confirms drawings.

Customer confirms drawings.The design department shall send the drawing to the customer, and the customer shall confirm the drawing and make it accurate.

Mold opening and proofing

Mold opening and proofing. After receiving the drawings, the mold department will develop the molds with aluminum molds and make the first batch of samples.

Customer confirms the sample

The customer confirms the sample.Our company has cooperated with (DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT) and other express companies to meet the delivery services in various international regions.

Order production by the production department

Production shall be arranged by the production department.After the customer confirms that the sample is satisfied, the purchase contract will be signed and the production department will arrange the order to meet the customer's delivery requirements.

Quality inspection by the quality inspection department

Quality inspection department inspect quality.Each batch of products before the warehouse by the quality inspection department for quality inspection.Product quality is strictly controlled to ensure product quality.

Packing and warehousing

Packaging and storage. After passing the quality inspection, the products will be stored by the warehouse management department. The packaging method and cartons can be customized according to customer requirements.


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