One-off environmental boxes, disposable PP boxes, disposable plastic lunch boxes

by:Weihan     2020-06-18
One-off environmental boxes, disposable PP boxes, disposable plastic food tray lunch box & one-off environmental protection box the PP plastic boxes boxes throughout; In detail: the article number S1000 material: plastic shape: square whether insulation: no whether one-time: is a microwave oven: available style: Chinese style design: pure color color: transparent applicable people: adult trade properties: foreign trade the original number of single box: 500 / box for gift giving occasions: catering printing LOGO: can't processing custom: is capacity: 1000 ml box layers: single-layer material: polypropylene ( Import pp) Capacity: 300 ml product size: 120 * 40 ( 毫米) Carton size: 605 * 245 * 225 ( 毫米) Packing quantity: 500 / box can be used in the microwave, refrigerator and classified to store all kinds of food, with environmental protection, pollution-free on a burning: disposable plates PET plastic pallet thickening, super fruit and vegetable packaging for fresh tray next article: one-time four meal dribbling cover, disposable pp take-out lunch box
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