One-time inside the blister tray

by:Weihan     2020-06-21
One-time blister tray is a kind of dress up, separation, support, shockproof, foil blister products and see in daily life, such as: biscuits, cakes, oral liquid, cosmetics, mobile phone inside the plastic food tray packing box, commonly used for storage on industrial production, transportation parts of plastic food tray tray. Applied in food, medicine, industry, using environmental protection material, HIPS, BOPS, PP and PET. Blister tray is using vacuum forming process of a kind of plastic food tray tray, it is mainly used for industrial products, electronic products, food packaging, the thickness is 0. 2 mm to 2 mm. According to the function and the material divided into: revolving tray, anti-static tray, PS blister tray, etc. Inside the blister, also known as tap, lining, tray, inside box, is used for paper products packaging, foil, protection, shockproof, delimited, fixed, and beautify the role of blister products. Use colored solid bottom of plastic sheets, more high-grade flocking blister material.
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