Overview of the types of mold used the blister tray

by:Weihan     2020-06-15
Blister tray overview of the types of mould used packaging industry in our country is developing rapidly in recent years, this is due to the improvement of our country's economy, people's living standards improved, so the packing of goods for people to produce a certain demand. Due to a variety of packaging products, in order to better meet the needs of users for the performance of packaging products, blister products arises at the historic moment. This kind of packaging products mainly by blister craft manufacture, has been widely applied with the blister tray. No matter what kind of blister products, we are used in the process of its production mold. This is because the application of the mold for the blister tray production efficiency has a certain degree of increase, at the same time through the mold to produce the blister tray of excellent performance, longer service life. Mould used for blister tray are gypsum mould, plastic food tray mould, electric block, a thermal mold, aluminum alloy mold, and high frequency mold, etc. With high frequency die material for high quality wire, used for laser blade, blade type trimming smooth and no burr edge tear; Using computer hand-cut blank-holder decorative pattern, texture clear, uniform size, can according to user requirements to customize all kinds of decorative pattern; The plane hole according to customer-supplied samples or drawings and production; Mainly used for welding work double blister. In addition, the electric block is mainly imported exothermic material, nissan high temperature tape and made of high quality copper nail, has many characteristics, such as heat evenly and good sealing effect. A: on the blister tray in the practical application value in the next article: common manufacturing materials and its characteristics of blister tray
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