PET general mineral water, carbonated drinks bottles are made of this material

by:Weihan     2020-06-13
PET general mineral water, carbonated drinks bottles are made of this material some experts point out that BPA may cause harm to the body's immune system, and in the plastic food tray products containing BPA or contact with high temperature liquid when heated, will quickly release can be harmful substances that cause damage to the brain tissue and cause cancer. We can see that every plastic container has a small id & ndash; — A triangle symbol, generally at the bottom of the plastic containers. In fact, it is considered a small reminder to us. Triangle is punctuated with 1 ~ 7 Numbers, respectively, the first to the seventh kind of plastic, their production material is different, use of taboos are different. The first kind of plastic for PET, general mineral water, carbonated drinks and energy drinks bottles are made of this material, use as long as the light from the environment and avoid a high temperature; The second type is high density polyethylene ( HDPE) , used for cleaning supplies, bath products packaging, suggest do not use cycle; The third kind is polyvinyl chloride, PVC) With the biggest problem, this kind of material at high temperature and harmful material and manufacturing process, many countries have to reduce or ban the use of; The fourth class of low density polyethylene ( LDPE) To cling film, plastic film, etc. Note that cling film bag in the surface of the food into the microwave oven; The fifth class is PP, PP ( On the plastic logo) , it is C3H6 polymer, this kind of plastic products is the only can be put into the microwave oven; The sixth class polystyrene (PVC ( Commonly known as styrofoam, PS) , often used for containers boxes of instant noodles and snack box, chemical stability, can be a variety of organic solvents to dissolve, the manufacturing process will add a lot of chemical substances in order to improve the stability, and these additives can be easy to eat into the stomach; Class 7 plastic refers to the one to six classes of plastic, used for kettle, water cup, bottle, one of the most problem is polycarbonate ( PC) , PC plastic release bisphenol A heated, causing bottles because of containing bisphenol A controversial. cup, so we in the choose and buy must choose to meet the national standards of food grade plastic cup made of, should be first selection is an article on the glass: plastic BeiBei bottom marked Numbers mean next up: the restaurant industry is still the dominant demand of PET plastic cup
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