Plastic bottles deformation during production, what reason be?

by:Weihan     2020-06-11
bottles deformation during production, what reason be? bottles is a kind of high rigidity, good appearance of the container, and can be applied in different industries, plastic food tray common shape are round, square, oval, etc. , from the point of use, all by their advantages, can be used according to different requirements, to select the different shapes of plastic bottles. wall thickness uniformity, printing surface should be smooth, and must contain liquid plastic handle, groove strengthening structure, in the process of production, in order to prevent deformation, need some ways to solve. 1, the deformation caused by the hot filling: as far as possible to room temperature filling, to achieve the purpose, using extended cycle transmission tube or increase the cooling device to avoid this kind of phenomenon. 2, deformation caused by the weightless: choose different barrier effect of the material of plastic bottles, achieve excellent barrier effect, to reduce the deformation. In general, plastic bottles are widely used in different industries, as a mainstream form of packaging, and market welcome. In the packaging has an important impact on the market. A: blister packaging what are the commonly used raw materials for the next article: what is the difference between disposable plastic cups and disposable paper cups?
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