Plastic pallet instead of wood pallet become the trend of The Times

by:Weihan     2020-06-12
Become the trend of the plastic food tray pallet instead of wood tray plastic tray is the logistics industry, the most basic of the container unit is used for the placement of container, storage, handling and transportation of goods and products level platform as a unit load device, and is a platform of activities, is to make the static into dynamic goods vehicle goods, is to cooperate with efficient logistics and the birth of, become modern logistics system connection points of each part. tray with good integrity, health, clean, easy to wash the advantages of disinfection, and has the advantage of light quality, not stud, acid and alkali resistant, mildew etc. , and its service life is 5 to 7 times of wooden pallets. In addition, from the strategic thought of sustainable development, the plastic tray can realize recycling, accord with environmental protection requirement, although the price is a little bit higher, but the actual cost is lower than the wood tray. Mass use will become the inevitable trend of plastic tray. But the plastic tray on the automated elevated library, and high-end automation equipment, but have not tried. The shortage of resources is becoming more and more serious, the standardization of the development of economic globalization on the tray, performance requirements more and more strict, require tray circulation share trend more apparent and globalization, our country needs to promote the technology of plastic tray and industry innovation, improve the utilization efficiency of the cycle of tray, I company specializing in the production of plastic food tray tray, with a low cost efficient way, provide convenience for the logistics transportation. The previous: double grid plastic tray of two kinds of production material next up: the deformation of plastic food tray tray reason and solution
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