Plastic pallets of goods packed

by:Weihan     2020-06-11
pallet goods packed way according to the type of goods, the quality of the goods carried by the plastic tray and the size of the plastic food tray tray, reasonably determine the goods packed in plastic tray. pallet utilization rate of the bearing surface area should be no less than 80% in general. For plastic pallet goods pattern has the following requirements: 1, wood, paper and metal containers, hard straight side goods single layer or multilayer alternating colors, stretch or shrink film packaging; 2, paper or single cargo multi-layer fiber class goods packed, with strapping tape sealing of a cross. 3, sealed metal container cylinder single layer or multi-layer palletising goods, wooden cover. 4, need to moistureproof, waterproof protection such as paper products, textile goods single layer or multilayer alternating colors, stretch or shrink film packaging goods increase Angle support, cargo cover plate and reinforcement structure; 5, fragile goods single or multi-layer pattern, increase the wooden support 6 diaphragm structure, metal bottle type single cylinder container or goods vertical pattern, increase the cargo box and slat reinforcement structure; 7, bag of multi-layers staggered compaction packed goods. A: what are the overall quality of the blister tray for the next article: how to change the transparency of plastic tray
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