Plastic tray cleaning method of analysis

by:Weihan     2020-06-11
tray plastic tray cleaning method analysis of relative to other types of tray, clean, convenient cleaning is one of the biggest advantage, so to do a good job of cleaning plastic tray also is particularly important. One, the most simple way: 1, the plastic tray with a larger container all immersed in water with cleaning fluid; 2, with long-handled brush; 3,. The plastic pallet pool is put forward, rinse; 4, plastic tray will be residual water after cleaning in the above, can be positive and negative are reversed. Second, if not the above conditions, the other can choose a pipe connecting the brush, brush flushed the water's edge. Three, and one of the simplest method is to turn the high-pressure spray on them, the flush is temporary cleaner, dried up the water, will find that still have a clean place. The previous: blister tray under the common manufacturing materials and characteristics of an article: reasonable use plastic food tray tray what are the necessary knowledge
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