Plastic tray export of disposable what are the specifications?

by:Weihan     2020-06-12
tray export of disposable what are the specifications? With the prosperous development of China's foreign trade import and export, the overall packaging, more and more enterprises choose tray to reduce labor, save time, so that more and more demand for disposable plastic tray, but many customers still not sure what to should choose what kind of specification or quality standards, ssangyong plastic food tray knowledge lecture hall class today offer you the following Suggestions; The first; Export special pallet size selection: the inner diameter of the current international standard container for 11. 58 meters, wide diameter of 2. 35 meters, then we can choose two 1 according to the width. 1 meters wide of the tray, so that both sides have a certain scope. On the length of 11. 58 meters we can choose the width to 1. 1 m, 1. 3 m tray. So the size of the export of disposable tray to 1300 x1100mm, or 1100 x1100mm is most appropriate. Carton packaging for 1100 x1100mm tray, bagged x1100mm lead for 1300. This is why many domestic used plastic tray is 1311 field words yellow or white tray, because most of the imports from the Middle East countries such as Iran PE or PP material bring over the tray. The second; One-time export tray styles to choose: speaking of styles to choose, in fact is very important, because different style representative cannot have forklift use types. Such as packing and need to use the manual hydraulic forklift, so we must choose field grid tray or sichuan words grid tray, the tray at the bottom of the openings for great car to enter, but the field tray and sichuan words tray there are different, such as need to be inside the container stacking the second pallet cannot choose sichuan words tray. If it is other machinery forklift can choose more strong double-sided grid tray. The third; Export pallet load; When it comes to the field of word above tray, tray, nine feet of sichuan words tray, double tray in different load, so will pack goods according to their own ZhengTuo load to measure choose which a tray, in general dynamic load 1 tons can choose choose the word or words, sichuan dynamic load 0. 5 tons can choose nine feet tray, if more than 1 dynamic load. 5 tons, as far as possible choose double tray or built-in steel tray. The fourth; Special export of disposable tray material; The material of plastic tray in big ways mainly divided into PE and PP two kinds, the two kinds of material with plastic tray 95% market share. But exports special tray is generally made from recycled PP or PE plastic food tray, colour is black or dark blue color, this is mainly because consider cost factors. Additional food enterprises must choose blue new material tray, there are food grade certification standards, ruling, tasteless, suitable for the inside of the refrigerated container goods. Above all, the export of disposable plastic tray selection must want to know your weight, amount, have forklift use type. In this way can we achieve foolproof, select the most appropriate own plastic tray. Li jie, the plastic pallet tags for reprint please indicate the source, ssangyong plastic will reserve the right to resort to law. Counter the previous: plastic, plastic food tray plate, plastic tray under the different way of saying a few words a: the use of the blister tray
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