Production of anti-static blister tray to use what materials

by:Weihan     2020-06-16
Production of anti-static blister tray to use what material is the main purpose of antistatic plastic food tray tray is to eliminate static electricity, used for electronic devices and the product of the production process more cycle loading, packaging, storage and transportation. In order to correspond with the actual working condition, the height of this kind of tray generally under 100 mm, suitable for precision electronics store. Of course, it can also be according to clients' demand for electronic components, the size have different requirements. As a kind of ideal storage of electronic tools, anti-static plastic food tray tray production raw material adds a special polymer chains, so that the finished goods have permanent static dissipative properties. Not only that, but it also has good mechanical strength, heat resistance, impact strength and resistance to chemical corrosion resistance is strong, will not change its by environmental temperature, time, antistatic performance. A: on what are in the production of electronic blister tray sterilization means next article: blister tray performance advantages reflected in which aspects
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