Qingdao min xing disposable fast-food box wholesale

by:Weihan     2020-06-22
The disposable fast-food containers, packing boxes, fujian xing container packing co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of sales of all kinds of environmental protection melamine plastic tableware, disposable lunch box, melamine tray of design and color, such as meal box of plastic food tray injection molding, blister, blow molding products. One-time product specification: rectangular brands: fujian xing weight ( Including the packaging) 50 types of disposable lunch box box of disposable packaging: more than 100 disposable lunch box material: plastic food tray article number: SWKCH - A6 main photo source: independent film figure product material: new pp material product appearance: single five lattice monolayer six ( The lid for transparent BOPS anti-fog materials) Thickening of 50 grams of weight packaging specifications: 800 sets of 1 a ( 2 box) Product specification: 25 * 19. 5 * 3. Six features: resistance to cold heat, can use microwave heating, environmental protection, convenient and take-away fast food products of choice for the goods once at least buy a set of 1 800 ( 2 box) Use attention please don't put it next to the stove and other high temperature instruments, lest cause deformation of the container and even burning; Due to blade edge of container to a certain extent, please pay attention to when using; ( Carefully cut hand) Stick on the container, to prevent dust and bacteria in custody please add can seal plastic bag; Please do not in wet place of custody; Our food container is disposable utensils, do not use repeated; 1, novel styles, condensed fashion modern diet culture; 2, good thermal insulation, thermal insulation duration for 1 to 3 times of the similar plastic cutlery; 3, body is light and hard, fight bump force and pressure resistance for the similar plastic tableware of 2-5 times; Melamine plastic food tray tableware is beautiful and durable, bright color, good brightness, strong fighting force, non-toxic tasteless, especially suitable for all kinds of leisure food courts, fast food chains, enterprises and institutions, hotel, restaurant high school canteen, forces the dining room, catering companies, advertising gifts, etc. 4, easy to clean, that is, no matter the dishcloth of washing method as long as to slightly wipe a few times, namely, food scraps, dirt, grease a net; Excellent use of washing, disinfection, drying machine. 5, easy to disinfect, resistant to high temperature 120 ℃, low temperature resistant - 20 ℃, and thus is applicable to any boil, steam and ultraviolet radiation, ozone disinfection method; 6, easy to transport, tableware designed special stacked anti-skid function, with the order is shipped; 7, convenience of management, the design of various type hole, color, pattern design, are very easy to standardize the management in enterprises and schools use; 8, durable to save money, every lunch box can be used more than 1000 times, one time per costs only about 1 cent. In line with & other; Quality first, users first & throughout; The principle, wholeheartedly welcome domestic and foreign merchants to come to discuss the order! Supply all kinds of melamine, environmental nutrition PP frame snack box, food tray, Qingdao, jinan, weihai in shandong, Beijing, dalian, tianjin, zhengzhou, Shanghai, xi 'an, Inner Mongolia, guangzhou, dongguan, chongqing, ningbo, hangzhou, nanchang, shijiazhuang, taiyuan, shenyang, Harbin, changchun, and other major provinces and cities nationwide have sales.
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