Ring clasp blister tray manufacturer supply blister packaging PVC blister tray button ring tray

by:Weihan     2020-06-13
Ring clasp blister tray manufacturer supply PVC blister packaging blister tray button ring tray ring blister tray manufacturer supply PVC blister packaging blister tray ring clasp tray supports custom specification for custom, please consult customer service for details. Primary source for authentic notes 1, manufacturer supply manufacturer, short production cycle, product quality assured, etc. 2, about the size measurement for artificial measurement, due to different factors, such as measuring tools and measuring methods, there are 2 mm error, 3, the color of our goods are real photography, color by professional proofreading, the closest with physical tile map, because the computer display color contrast and color temperature is different and so on 4, about the customer service you didn't reply in time, may be the large amount of consulting or system failure 5, about the after sales we will provide a complete after-sales service, quality goods guarantee 6, is our cooperation of delivery Courier company letter feng, yuantong, shentong, YunDa and major logistics company. Product characteristics 1, a refined from high quality plastic food tray: direct manufacturers within the transparent PVC blister support blister tray rectangle Mid-Autumn festival moon cakes support customized wholesale next article: white environmental blister tray antistatic hot-pressing blister tray
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